Buying the Right Pillow Insert

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Since it is tricky to find the right pillow insert that gives you a full effect, we are here to help!

Our number one rule: don't buy poly or polyester filled inserts. They clump, will not give you a full effect and leave you with the inability to do the pillow "chop". 

A Cheaper Pillow Insert Alternative: 

For a cheaper pillow insert alternative we recommend Ikea feather inserts. This option only works for our 20 x 20 and 14 x 20 pillow covers. But wait, there's a catch....

Stuff TWO 20 x 20 Ikea feather inserts into a 20 x 20 Myra Scott Textile pillow cover.

Stuff ONE 20 x 20 Ikea feather insert into a 14 x 20 Myra Scott Textile pillow cover.

This ensures the pillow always looks full. Otherwise, Ikea inserts flatten easily. 

Our Go-To Pillow Inserts: 

Our go to place for Microfiber (gives you the look and feel of a down pillow without the high price point) pillow inserts is Eversoft. A company in Toronto that custom makes any pillow insert with no minimum order! If you live outside the Toronto area, you can request they ship the inserts to you (an additional fee applies). 

To ensure your order is made accurately, we recommend sending them an email with the pillow dimensions (see below) and requesting microfiber fill (they also make polyester filled pillows so stating microfiber is necessary). 

The following are insert dimensions from Eversoft that fit our pillow covers: 

14 x 20 Microfiber insert = 14 x 20 Myra Scott Textile pillow cover

20 x 20 Microfiber insert = 20 x 20 Myra Scott Textile pillow cover

23 x 23 Microfiber insert = 22 x 22 Myra Scott Textile pillow cover

25 x 25 Microfiber insert = 24 x 24 Myra Scott Textile pillow cover

12 x 24 Microfiber insert = 12 x 24 Myra Scott Textile pillow cover

14 x 24 Microfiber insert = 14 x 24 Myra Scott Textile pillow cover

18 x 30 Microfiber insert = 18 x 30 Myra Scott Textile pillow cover

18 x 50 Microfiber insert = 18 x 50 Myra Scott Textile pillow cover

**If you can't go to any of these two places for your inserts, the best recommendation we have for you is to opt for an insert that is TWO sizes larger than your pillow cover size. For example, for a 20 x 20 Myra Scott Textile pillow cover, buy a 22 x 22 feather or microfiber insert. This may not always work (depending on the company's fill rate), but it usually does. 

In the future, we hope to offer pillow inserts available on our site, but for now our studio is much too small to house pillow inserts. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. 

Kindest regards, 

The Myra Scott Textile Team

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