Goodbye, Jane Meets Ruby. Hello, Myra Scott Textiles.

Posted by Myra Scott on

This one is for those who have been following along in my journey, or for those who are questioning if my name is Jane, or Ruby, or any of those names at all. To clear up the confusion as I continue to develop and grow my brand, and with the launch of my latest collection (and I believe my best to date, fingers crossed you do too!), my marketing team and I decided it would be the best time to make shift to an eponymous brand. So, in ode to the conversational style of my former brand, I'll say I'd like to introduce you to Myra Scott Textiles.

Humbleness to me is a virtue that I've long held to be of utmost importance. I think I had some deep seeded belief that I shouldn't attach my name to my brand. However, I'm realizing as I grow as a person along with my brand, that really what I'm doing is sharing my art with the world. So, in hiding behind my brand, I am not really depicting a clear picture of the artist behind the fabric.

My hope of all hopes is that it still comes across to my lovely customers, old and new, that we're the same humble little brand, committed to creating unique pieces of art on fabric for you to use in your home (this part still gives me goosebumps) and providing the highest customer service we can! That will NEVER CHANGE. Thank you for continuing to join me on this journey with what is now called Myra Scott Textiles.

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