Style At Home

January/February 2021 Issue

Featured pillows: Jett in Cetacean BlueHarlowe in Prussian Blue, Maya in Ocean. 

Drapery fabric: Harlowe in Prussian Blue

Design by: Lindsay Mens Craig

The Star

December 16, 2020

Featured pillows: Maya in MidnightHendrix in SandJude in BlushJett in Cetacean BlueSydney in Jive, and New collection (coming 2021)

You can read the full article here

Design by: Andrea McQueen Design

Home Bunch Blog and The Haven List Blog 

December 15, 2020 and December 18, 2020

Featured pillows: Maya in Midnight, Hendrix in Sand, Jude in Blush, Jett in Cetacean Blue, Sydney in Jive, and New collection (coming 2021)

You can read the full Home Bunch blog post here. You can read the full Haven List Blog post here.  

Design by: Andrea McQueen Design

Rue Daily Magazine

October 6, 2020

Featured pillows: Jude in Horizon, Sydney in Jive, Harlowe in Terra Cotta, Jett in Antique Bronze, and Henley in Tuxedo

You can read full article here

Interior Design by: Florence Choux Livingston

Photography by: David D Livingston


Reno & Decor Magazine

August/September 2019 Issue

Featured: Harlowe Cushion Cover in Terra Cotta

Marilyn Denis Show

October 3, 2019 S10 Episode 19

Featured: Harlowe Cushion Cover in Prussian Blue

You can watch the full episode here

Real Talk Design Podcast

July 17, 2019, Episode 44

Myra Scott shares her journey on becoming a textile designer. You can listen to full podcast here